Monday, August 25, 2014

Beauty Tips From Pictures

Monday, August 18, 2014

New Blogging Schedule!

Hello pretties! 
My new schedule for posts will be 
Monday, Wednesday & Friday! 
I'd really like to do 
Monday- beauty
Wednesday- fashion
Friday- random/lifestyle
But things always change! 

This week 08/17-08/24 I will be taking off due to all my friends leaving for college but ill be back Monday the 25th! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Sweet Cecily’s Lip Balm Review*

Cecily says that each product has been born from a suggestion, whether it is to include a certain ingredient, have a particular smell, or help a specific complaint. I saw that Sweet Cecily’s was offering bloggers a chance to review a few lip balms and I jumped at the opportunity. A few days later I received one of the cutest packages in the mail! It had a cute little booklet, note, ribbon and three adorable lip balms. I got a mojito, piña colada and a brand new flavor espresso martini.

The packaging is a very simple and the tin is so small and easy to put literally anywhere! The piña colada balm itself is a very pretty light yellow color and it has a light piña colada smell to it, nothing overpowering at all. The mojito flavor is an extremely pale leaf green and the smell I would consider light spearmint. The espresso martini that is my personal favorite is a light hot chocolate color with a smell of light coffee. The texture of all of them is all very similar they are somewhat gritty, which almost seems slightly exfoliating.

Each balm retails for £2.95 each and you do really get a lot of product for the price.

Find Sweet Cecily’s on
And you can place your order on

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Lets Get Personal || Dream Job/Future

I was feeling like today we should get a bit more personal. Not super personal but I feel like were all friends here and you should know more about me. This post is dedicated to my future, where I see myself working, and where I hope my future takes me.

Well I just turned eighteen in June and I am going to college this fall. I plan on studying broadcasting and I would love to see myself have my own radio show or host a TV show. A girl can dream, cant she? My goals and hopes for the future are going to take a lot of hard work but if I really want it, I have to do it. When I was younger and people would ask what do you want to do when you grow up I would always say makeup artist or interior designer. But when things actually became more realistic I decided hmm, I do kind of want to host a television show. And now things are really real and happening and I've figured that maybe broadcasting/journalism is the way to go for me. All of my friends want to go on and be doctors or teachers but talking and being on camera is something I've always loved. My grandpa would film every part of my sister’s childhood, and me and thanks to him I'm VERY comfortable in front of the camera. Even when he wasn't filming me you could hear my little raspy voice in the background. This fall ill be starting my journey and I couldn't be more excited to do so.

What’s your dream job? And is it different from when you were a kid?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Trends That NEED to End!

The summer and fall season has quite a lot of trends that are followed by tons of people everywhere. Some of them I will try to out or my friends will try and recreate them but some just don’t work for ANYBODY on or off the runway. Here are some of the 2014 summer and fall trends that I CANNOT stand!

One print from head to toe is something I personally find extremely overwhelming even for a 6-foot runway model. I never could pull it off and most people cant either.
Sayings and slogans on clothing is something that can work a lot of the time, but of course some people take it to far! Sayings and slogans always need to be appropriate because children see these things!
Lets be real, can most people pull of mesh fabric while at work or going to Target? Well the answer is no. If you can pull off mesh, go for it but don’t tell me you won’t be getting weird looks from other people.
Rose gold is another thing that is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, don’t get me wrong but there are some people who just overdo it WAY too much to the point where it’s tacky.
All ombre everything! Ugh! It’s very overwhelming when your hair, shorts and sneakers are all ombred out.
And last but not least MASON JAR EVERYTHING! I absolutely love mason jars and think they are so cute with flowers or lemonade inside but when your whole house is filled with mason jars it becomes overkill.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Choosing Your Drinking Shoes by Fabi

Drinking shoes: how to choose

Drinking Shoes: how to choose; an infographic brought to you by Fabi

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Themed Wish List || black & white

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