Dealing With Peer Pressure

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Thinking back to when I was a teenager, I would split my teens into two sections - the good part and the bad part. From 13 to 15 was the bad part, and from 16 to 19 was the good part, this was purely because of peer pressure.

Don’t get me wrong here, I loved being a teenager, but peer pressure made life more complicated than it needed to be. I’m sure it’s the same for you, too. I’m sure your parents and teachers at school have already warned you about peer pressure, yeah?

You’ve probably been told that peer pressure is a friend or someone from school forcing you to do something you don’t want to, am I right? But, peer pressure is so much more than that, it’s doing something, like smoking, just because everyone else is doing it.

Peer pressure can be confusing, it isn’t always about being forced to do something. For instance, if you were to see one of the cool girls agreeing to have sex with her boyfriend for the first time, you may then feel pressured to do the same. Feeling obligated to do something to fit in with the rest of your class is also peer pressure - it isn’t just about being forced by another person.

The key is not to bow to peer pressure, no matter how much you might want to - do things because you want to do them, not because someone else is doing them.

It can be hard dealing with peer pressure, which is why I thought I would share some of my top tips for dealing with it, with you, below:

Build your confidence

Yes, easier said than done, I know. When I was at school, I was the shyest kid in the world. You know the girl who sits silently in every class and goes red if she is asked to speak - that was me.

If you are confident in yourself, you are less likely to feel pressured by what other people are doing or want you to do. It might be hard to say no, but if you have confidence in yourself, you will be able to do so, more easily.

Choose your friends wisely

People who are similar tend to hang out together, so make sure to choose your friends wisely. If you choose friends who are happy with themselves and confident, they won’t try to pressure you into doing something because they would not be pressured themselves.

When I was at school, I was lucky enough to have a close group of girlfriends who were all happy and confident people. I wasn’t confident at all, but the way they acted, rubbed off on me, and over time my confidence grew - yours will do the same.

Do things because you want to

Just because everyone else is doing something, that doesn’t mean you have to. Sound familiar? Yes, that’s right, that’s what you parents and guidance counsellors have drilled into you over the years. And, you know what, they’re right. Yes, you might not enjoy them preaching at you, but believe me, one day you will thank them.

Having a puff on a cigarette or drinking under age is not something that I would personally recommend, but at some point we all do it. What’s important is that you only do it because you want to, not because everyone else is doing it, and you want to be cool.

Don’t rush into having sex

When it comes to peer pressure, sex is a whole other ball game. Unlike drinking, smoking or dressing in a certain way, you only get to lose your virginity once, so you need to be sure about it.

Yes, you might think that you love your boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sleep with him. Your first time will be something that you remember forever - it’s a big deal, so you need to get it right.

Lots of kids at my school had sex, including some of my closest friends, but I wasn’t ready for it, and so I didn’t do it. Part of me wanted to, especially as everyone else was doing it, but I am so glad that I didn’t. I waited until after I graduated high school, met a lovely guy at college - we’re still together now, and when the time was right, slept with him.

Peer pressure is tricky, it can be so hard to say no to someone. But, you need to stay strong and be your own person. If you love your boyfriend and want to have sex with him that’s fine -  as long as you’re safe, that is. But, only sleep with him if you want to, not because everyone else is doing it. If you want to try a cigarette or have a drink, that’s also fine, as long as you are doing it because you want to, not because it’s cool to do it.

That Awkward Subject That Starts With An S!

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Hi you all!

I am very pleased Nickki asked me to write a guest post for her blog.

I am a Finnish blogger writing two very different blogs:
Motoristin Mutsi,that shows my view of Supermoto and life in race tracks, written
in Finnish, and the other that shows my daily life at home, Motoristin Mutsi at home and garden,written in English.
I am a mother of a motorbike rider as well mother of two daughters and another son.
Yes, old as a dinosaur!
But, I have always talked to my children straight. And that is what I am going to do now, too. So,

Let’s talk a bit about SEX.
We all get involved sex in some point at our lives. Some earlier than others, and it isn’t any news, that teens have sex. Teens had sex in 19’ century, so why wouldn’t they have it nowadays? But if you are having sex ­ or if you think about starting ­ don’t forget prevention and protection.

Use condom.

Specially, if you are related more than one partner. And even if you are not.

Condom is still the best way to protect you from venereal diseases, as far you are using it right. Don’t accept any excuses, that using condom takes away pleasure. Ok, it might, but then there is something to wait for, if you are going to get longer relationship and know each other better. Instructions are found in package, and internet is full of directions ­even videos. Condom also helps to avoid

Unexpected pregnancy.
If you are having sex, you really should have “what if...” thought:
What if I get pregnant? That is always possibility, if you are having sex. No matter, if he says, he cannot have children, because he had orchitis as a child. Mostly orchitis doesn’t cause infertility anymore. In responsible sex includes also an idea, what to do do, if you get pregnant. That goes with guys, too ­ even though she says, she is on pills, there is always possibility of pregnancy. What you are going to do, if your girlfriend gets pregnant? And yes, getting pregnant is possible also at

The first time.
Oh, that magical moment you can read from love stories...Well, that is possible, but it also can be a real mess. You have planned it for ages and build up romantic surrounding ­ and find yourselves so nervous, that he cannot get erection, you are not ready for him, he gets ejaculation before you have even started yet...what a disillusionment. Or everything can go OK, but you are not so impressed. Or you can be thrilled, happy, ecstatic. Anything is possible. No­one can tell, what is the truth with you.
But there is one thing that is common for everyone of us: there is no way to return afterwards. But even after the first time

You can always say NO.
There is no rule, that if you have had sex with someone, you need to do it again. With anyone. You can stay even in celibacy for rest of your life if you choose to.
page1image26208 page1image26368 page1image26528

NO might be the hardest two letters to use. But it is ok to say no, if you don’t want to have sex, if you are not ready to it. It is always ok to say no, if you feel something uncomfortable. Pressure to have sex, because “everyone else” have had it already, can get very hard, but there is always someone who haven’t have sex either. Yes, elder than you, too. And same goes, if you have longer relationship. You don’t need to try everything that is shown in porn videos on internet. If you feel it unsafe, uncomfortable or otherwise unpleasant, you have all the right to say NO. “You cannot know, if you don’t try” is lousy way to try make you to do something that doesn’t feel right to you.
I am not saying, you need to have sex in your teen years. No. But I am saying, that if you choose to have, do it with responsibly. Otherwise it might not be good for you. We all make mistakes and in every aspect in our lives. But paying a little attention we are able to minimize possible damages.
What do you think? Have you crossed pressure to have sex? Have you any questions? Something you want to say? Leave a comment or email me:​ 

Ji Ji + Kiki Origami Fox Necklace*

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I just had to come on and share this adorable necklace with all of you! It’s for sure becoming my go to everyday necklace just because its so dang cute and goes with basically everything. Its so affordable and adorable I had to write up a little post about them. Anyway, Ji Ji + Kiki have so many other cute items on there website you should for sure go check them out and add a few items to your wish list!

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Nourish Kale Enzymatic Exfoliating Cleanser*

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The Nourish range is created by Dr Pauline Hili, specialist in organic skincare and the science behind the remarkable properties of plant extracts. Trusted and acclaimed by beauty experts for over 15 years, Pauline’s wealth of knowledge combines science and nature to advance the frontiers of organic beauty.
Organic ingredients are used throughout the Nourish range and, where products are certified, we have chosen to be accredited by the UK’s leading organic certification body, the Soil Association.

On the Nourish website it says it can be used as a gentle cleanser, exfoliating mask and revitalizing facial so its basically a 3 in 1 product which I LOVE! I only used it as the gentle cleanser and let me tell you, it’s amazing! My skin not only felt extremely clean and refreshed, my cheeks felt like a baby’s bottom! I thought the earthy very organic smell was going to bother me but its very light and goes away just after a few minutes which again is something I love. You can always tell when a specific product is being kind to your skin and not stripping it of anything it needs and I really noticed how gentle this was to my face.
And an added bonus is on the website you can choose what type of skin you have and it shows you specific Nourish products that are right for your skin.

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Feather & Bone Face Gems*

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"Feather & Bone is an inventive, fresh and unique personal care company.  We are dedicated to the creation of fresh product solutions Uniquely for YOU.  At Feather & Bone our mantra is INDIVIDUALITY and AUTHENTICITY.
At Feather & Bone our goal and mission is for men and women to feel empowered by who they are as individuals and embrace their inner weird and authenticity.  Our products help bring back the authentic you.  A rebirth of you, so strip down to the bare your Feathers and Bones and start your journey with us - orange is the new you."

I am a sucker for a good face wash so when I got this opportunity I jumped on it. Face Gems are extremely easy to use they may look different then your average face wash but don’t be scared off by that. Its just a new way to package and use face wash. So they come in a long casing and you pop the gem out just like you would pop a pill out of pill packaging, add a little bit of water and it automatically starts to crumble in your hands. You then just apply and wash it off like you would with any other facial cleanser. It’s as simple as that!  It leaves your face feeling extremely clean, moisturized and a big glowy which isn’t as great for my super oily skin but with a mattifying primer it would work perfectly.  Also you can see how easy it is to use in my little video here..

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Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review*

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“SmileBrilliant! Is a national dental lab designed to help our customers receive professional strength teeth whitening without ever visiting a dentist! Our lab was specifically created to curb the high cost of cosmetic teeth whitening that is charged at dental offices around the world.”

Satisfactory is a COMPLETE understatement when it comes to Smile Brilliant results! I’ve never been so thrilled with the difference a product has made.
So let me explain myself, Smile Brilliant wanted to send me a teeth whitening kit to try out. Let me just say not only did I see whitening results they also mold your teeth into a personal whitening tray which makes you feel like its actually made for you and not every person in the world. They send you putty to mold on to your teeth impressions, which is extremely simple, you send that back to them and you then get your official trays! You then follow the instructions on adding the gels (which don't taste horrible like normal whitening products, they actually taste sweet) to your trays and see results a few weeks later. And let me tell you, your actually going to see noticeable results and get compliments for days on your beautiful white teeth! The process is very personal, simple and worth it and I highly recommend you check out Smile Brilliant if you’re interested in teeth whitening.

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Teeth Whitening Cost
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